Want to build a fun loving community that supports each other​​​​​​​

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This Is For People Who:

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Want to get educated on nutrition, so you're no longer reliant on meal plans

Want to look great, feel fit and lose weight

Want to create results that finally stick

Want to regain lost confidence and feel amazing

Want Guarenteed Results.

Want to burn stubborn fat and get lean and toned

Want more energy for you and your family

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6 Weeks of Training and Nutrition - And yes you read right... this is FREE if you do your part and successfully complete the program.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

A Guided, No-Fail Path To REAL Fat Loss

What's Included?

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Our Body Transformation Program - 3x Per Week with coaching from a personal trainer in a small-group designed to get you results... fast. We know what you need and we know how to make it fun and effective

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Our 6-Week Nutrition System - We'll guide you through a simple, easy-to-follow process and teach you what to eat, when and how much so you can get rid of that stubborn, unwanted fat, start building true strength and muscle mass without going on a "diet"​​​​​​​

Weekly Accountability Calls  - We will coach you through the whole programme, step by step, and make sure you get everything right.

Body Composition Measurements and Weigh Ins - To keep track of your progress​​​​​​​ and make adjustments when needed.

Access to our Private Members Only Website & Facebook Group - Where you will be given all the tools and daily support that you need to quickly get on track and kick-start long-term, long lasting results.

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Flexible times to fit YOUR schedule - Available mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekends. So we can help you work 'you time' around your busy schedule​​​​​​​.

There is actually a whole lot more we do but we will save that for when we meet up...

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Nutrition Workshop - To educate you on why we do what we do and take all of the confusion out of it. Simple nutrition that works... no more 'fad' diets

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We're looking for 40 motivated people to join our 42-Day Challenge.

Complete with Fun Workouts For Any Level, The World's Simplest Meal Plan, & Accountability that actually works.

What People Are Saying:

Conditions Apply - Serious Enquiries Only.​​​​​​​

We're looking to build our gym foundation in Fredericton and want to get our name out in the community. So instead of paying $49 to $99 PER HOUR for expert level guidance, you can get the entire 6 weeks of help for $0.00. 

Pretty good deal, isn’t it?

We’ve compressed an entire state of the art transformation program into just a month and a half in order to give you life-changing results as quickly as possible.

But we are not going to lie to you.

We plan on using your success story to market our business after the 6-weeks.


The only way this stays free is if you keep it that way. That means no cheating, no backing out, and no excuses.

You have to do your part:

Attend the training sessions

Follow the nutrition program​​​​​​​

Be a team player

 Otherwise, the “Free” status on this program is revoked. 

If you’re the type of person who cheats on their diets or has broken a promise to yourself before...

(snacks in the car, sneaky glasses of wine, handfuls of (insert snack here...lol) from the fridge etc.)

Then this is the program that will straighten out your priorities and clear your head by arming you with a thick extra layer of motivation... and a solid reason to finally follow through

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Your Head Coaches - Silas & Amy