What If YOU Were The Reason You Sought Wellness?

How many of you remember having a sibling telling you to do (or NOT do) something when we were kids? Do you also remember our typical response? ?Says WHO?!? Which, depending on whether or not within her seemingly mystical ability to be within earshot, was at times followed by my our mothers with ?Me! That?s WHO!?

Regardless, it brings up an important set of memories for purposes of this article, because I so often work with people who are doing things (or WANT to do things?or THINK they should be doing things) for others?also while most often disregarding what it is THEY truly yearn for. 

And so, if not for you?who, then?

I can tell you with all certainty that EVERY client I?ve ever asked a question around desire, and likewise any I?ve ever posed one of my standard ?What if?? questions around motivation, have always started by answering with ?someone else?. That ?X factor?. That person. That element in society. 

What?s equally guaranteed, though, is that when I continue to ask, push, and seek clarity, ALL ultimately dig deeply enough to find their truest motivation or reasoning?and fortunately it?s them. And that, my friends, is where YOU should be as well. 

See, society has generally taught us that it?s ?selfish? to think of ourselves?generations of ?giving? has gone so far as to have people believing that they can?t possibly do only with themselves in mind, or it?s in some way ?wrong?. That said, though, ?wrong? according to who? Who else is living this one life of yours? This one life of limited years?

And look, before you all start to write your scathing replies about what happens to society if we think only of ourselves, please understand that?s not what I?m suggesting. I?m not suggesting we think ONLY of ourselves?but I feel it vitally important that ?ourselves? be part of the ?why? equation?and ultimately FIRST in the equation. 

You?ve flown? Do they tell you to put someone else?s mask on first in the event of loss of cabin pressure? No? Because you would only have limited time/oxygen to help others before losing consciousness without your OWN mask on, yeah?

How about my years in fighting fires? If I was COMPLETELY in disregard of my own safety each and every time I responded on a call, how long do we suppose I?d have been around to help those in need? Or before becoming someone in need myself?

Ok, so we?re together on this, then. 

If you?ve decided it?s time to seek wellness (or you?re not yet even there), let?s explore for WHOM it?s best you do. Namely, YOU. Let?s have you here in service of others, most certainly?but let?s ensure you?re well enough to be 100% in all that you do. 

Let?s look after you first. Let?s explore what wellness could look like for you, and WHY it might be important for you - once you?re able to shed that guilt around seeking something for yourself before others. Nutrition. Exercise. Free time. Quiet reflection. Whatever it is you ultimately feel could help you be the very best version of you, let?s explore that?and then let?s hold it in the forefront of all you do as you work toward it. For that, my friends, is when you?ll finally be doing all you in all of the right ways, and for all of the right reasons. 

And next time I see you in ?The Pit?, your answer to why you?re there won?t simply be ?To lose some weight?, it?ll potentially be something more like ?Because since I was a child I?ve loved to dance, and as I?ve grown older and heavier, I?ve been self-conscious of dancing in public. I want to dance again.?, or ?My kids love hiking, and I realize that my 80?ish years here will only allow me so many memories with them. I want to be able to join them.?

I?m excited to hear your ?Why?! See you in ?The Pit?!

Joe Trevors