Session Cancellations:

At least twenty-four hours’ notice to your Personal Trainer is required if you wish to cancel a scheduled Personal Training Session.

If the required notice is not provided for a personal training session the session will be forfeited.

At least ninety minutes’ notice to Lift Personal Fitness is required if you wish to cancel a scheduled Group Training Session; or you can cancel online respectively.


You can apply for a hold on payments and training at any point in time, for any reason.

The maximum hold length is 2 months; except in medical cases.

Holds requested specifically for the month of Dec, will not be approved.

Lift Personal Fitness reserves the right-of-choice to hold training, and payments.

Program Transfers:

You can request a transfer of your Program Agreement to any other individual at any point in time.

The individual you would like to transfer your agreement to must first be cleared by Lift Personal Fitness for participation.

Lift Personal Fitness reserves the right-of-choice to refuse a transfer request.


We may terminate your Program Agreement, refuse you entry into the Gym, or eject you from a Workout if you commit a serious or repeated breach of these Policies, your Program Agreement, or if you engage in any other serious misconduct.



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